Symbols of Pride and the Twelve Powers

This is the final installment of our Pride Power series! In the first two parts, we explored the profound meanings behind the colors of the original Pride Flag and their corresponding Twelve Powers in Unity. We have covered things like life, healing, wisdom, love, imagination, and more, looking at these to enrich our spiritual journeys and enhance our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

As we continue this exploration, we will look at the last set of colors and their associated spiritual powers. In the original Pride flag there were eight colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, turquoise, and pink. Today we will look at the final four colors not found in the Pride Flag, but that Charles Fillmore, a co-founder of the Unity movement, mentioned in his work. Today we will look at the colors light green, silver, gold, and russet.

Let’s embark on this final leg of our journey together, discovering the powers that can aid us in our journeys of spiritual and personal growth.


The color Silver with starburst and the word "Will."

The Color Silver: Will

Will, one of the twelve inherent powers recognized by Charles Fillmore, holds a significant place in our journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. While not part of the traditional Pride rainbow, exploring the color silver and the power of Will allows us to tap into our divine authority and align our intentions with the flow of universal energy. It is symbolized by the color silver.

In Fillmore’s teachings, Will represents more than mere determination or personal drive. It is about recognizing our oneness with the infinite intelligence and co-creating with the universe. Will empowers us to shape our reality by aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the divine purpose.

Unleash Will

To unleash the power of Will in our lives, we must cultivate awareness and intentionality. By clarifying our desires and setting heartfelt intentions, we ignite the flame of Will within us. Affirmations and visualization techniques help us vividly envision our desired outcomes, amplifying our divine authority.

Obstacles and challenges are inevitable on our journey, but the power of Will grants us the strength and resilience to overcome them. By anchoring ourselves in a deep trust in the divine order, we can transform setbacks into stepping stones. Will enables us to persevere, navigate life’s twists and turns, and manifest our dreams.

Embrace Will

Embracing Will is an invitation to engage in divine co-creation. By aligning our personal will with the universal will, we become conscious agents of positive change. We can tap into our hidden potentials, contribute to the greater good, and serve the world with love and compassion. Will empowers us to fulfill our soul’s purpose and live authentically.


When I want to experience something, but I feel resistant, I use the word “willing” if it seems like too much of a leap to simply say, “I am…” Louise Hay, a New Thought Teacher, talked a lot about loving the self. She had people look into the mirror and say, “<your name> I love you, I really love you.”

However, some people find this challenging, especially if they have never practiced self-love. She would have these people start out by saying, “I am willing to love you.” If people still experienced resistance she would have them say, “I am willing to learn to like you.”

This can also be helpful for the forgiveness process. Some things seem too difficult to forgive, but we can say, “I am willing to forgive.” The Universe can use our willingness and provide a way for us to forgive. The power of Will invites us to embrace our divine authority and align our intentions with the flow of universal energy. By nurturing awareness, setting heartfelt intentions, and trusting in the divine order, we unlock the transformative potential within us. Through Will, we become conscious co-creators, shaping a life of purpose, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.

An Affirmation for Will:

I align my will with the powers of Love and Wisdom and allow those powers to direct all that I think, say, and do.

The Color Gold: Understanding

Understanding, represented by the color gold, holds a significant place within the teachings of Charles Fillmore and the Twelve Powers. While not one of the traditional Pride rainbow colors, the color gold and the corresponding “power” of understanding allows us to connect with the profound wisdom that is within each of us.

According to Charles Fillmore, spiritual understanding surpasses mere intellectual knowing. It is the capacity of the mind to apprehend and realize the laws of thought, allowing us to perceive the interrelation of ideas and the deep connection between God and ourselves. As Fillmore said in “Keep a True Lent”:

“Understanding reveals that love and wisdom should work together, that power should be expressed through love, and zeal should be tempered with wisdom.”

The golden hue of Understanding symbolizes the illumination of divine wisdom within us. It signifies the transformative light that dawns when we align our consciousness with the eternal truths and principles of the universe. Through Understanding, we come to recognize the inherent unity of all creation, the interconnectedness of every soul.

Source of Wisdom

In the pursuit of Understanding, we acknowledge that Divinity is supreme knowing, and within us resides the faculty of understanding that enables us to comprehend Divine Law. It is through understanding that we harness our innate power and align it with love, expressing it harmoniously in the world.

The color gold with starburst and the word "Understanding."

“Understanding reveals that love and wisdom should work together, that power should be expressed through love, and zeal should be tempered with wisdom.”
Charles Fillmore, from Keep a True Lent

Dealing with Confusion

Whenever we feel confused or frustrated with life, we can gently deny that this confusion has any power and affirm that we are guided by spiritual understanding. We claim that freedom is our Divine right, recognizing that every human being can access Divine principles as freely as we would use principles associated with mathematics or music.

Understanding allows us to transcend intellectual knowing and tap into the divine wisdom that flows from the depths of our being. As we develop spiritual understanding, we come to recognize the interconnection of all things and the unity that underlies the diverse tapestry of life. Understanding teaches us to harmonize love and wisdom, expressing power through love and tempering zeal with wisdom. Through the power of Understanding, we gain insight into the laws of thought and the profound relationship between the Divine and ourselves. By cultivating this divine faculty, we unlock the transformative potential to bring about positive change in our lives and the world.

An Affirmation for Understanding:

My wisdom and understanding increase each day, and I express more fully the inner beauty and strength of my true being.

The color russet with starburst and the word "release."

The Color Russet: Release

The color russet symbolizes the power of Release in the Twelve Powers. Release is a transformative power that allows us to let go. It invites us to free ourselves from the grip of the past and unhelpful beliefs, enabling us to create a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Many of us hold on to old negative experiences, replaying them in our minds without realizing the impact they have on our present and future. These experiences shape our perception of the world, keeping us stuck and clouding our vision.


Through the power of Release, we have the opportunity to liberate ourselves. We can consciously choose to let go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve us. Our minds have the freedom to believe whatever we want, and it is essential to question the beliefs we have adopted from our upbringing or society.

For example, I carried a belief that “money doesn’t grow on trees” from my early childhood. However, when presented with an opportunity to trade for a basket of peaches from my neighbor’s orchard, it was like the Universe saying, “You see, money does grow on trees.” In that moment, I was able to release that old belief, and my experience with money changed drastically from that point on.

Our Reality

Our beliefs shape our reality. Even if they are unfounded or false, when we replay them in our minds, they become our truth. Release empowers us to let go of anything that no longer serves our lives, be it a habit, a limiting belief, an unfulfilling job, or a stagnant relationship. But the true work lies within our own minds.

To create lasting change, we must cultivate a healthy mental atmosphere. Some beliefs may have served us in the past but are no longer aligned with our growth. “Don’t talk to strangers” makes sense for a little child but does not serve us in adulthood. Recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs empowers us to manifest lives that align with our true desires and aspirations.

Release invites us to embrace the present moment, free from the shackles of the past. It enables us to step into our authentic power and create a life filled with joy, abundance, and purpose. By harnessing the power of Release, we open ourselves to new possibilities and invite transformation into our lives.

An Affirmation for Release:

I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts. I release the past and forgive everyone, including myself.

The Color Light Green: Strength

Light green represents the power of strength, which holds significant importance in Unity’s understanding of the Twelve Powers. Strength, as defined by Fillmore, extends beyond physicality and serves as one of the foundational powers shaping our human experience. While commonly associated with physical vigor, strength manifests on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

On the physical plane, strength provides vitality and resilience, enabling us to overcome challenges and navigate life with endurance. Mentally, it empowers confident decision-making and the pursuit of goals, fostering stability of character. However, the true essence of strength lies in its spiritual realization, intertwined with faith.

The Power of Strength

To cultivate strength, we can affirm:

“Through the will of Spirit, my potential for strength is developed and expressed with ease.”

In this context, strength represents vitality, endurance, stability, and spiritual fortitude. As strength emerges within us, we grow in its intellectual nature before realizing its spiritual essence through prayer and focused concentration. By aligning ourselves with the Source of strength and affirming our oneness with it, we tap into our inner wellspring of divine power.

The color light green with starburst and the word "Strength."

Affirmation: Through the will of Spirit, my potential for strength is developed and expressed with ease.

The power of strength enhances our ability to channel the other powers. By affirming and embracing the mighty spiritual principle of strength, we allow its abundant blessings to flow into our lives. It is essential to recognize that our true nature is strength itself, and thus, we must reject thoughts of weakness and affirm strength in every aspect of our being.

Power of Strength and Pride

This series was developed for Folx with Faith in honor of Pride Month 2024,. It is the power of strength within our community that is the driving force behind Pride. While some may perceive Pride as merely a celebration of diverse gender expression or sexuality, it extends beyond that. As individuals, we experience pride when we overcome challenges, and for generations, queer individuals have demonstrated immense strength in the face of adversity. We have risen above systems of power that sought to control our lives and define our experiences.

Pride serves as an exemplary illustration of how the Twelve Powers are innate within each human being and are further amplified through community engagement. We do not affirm these powers to attain them; rather, we affirm them to tap into the inner resources available within us.

Cultivating Strength

One thing to keep in mind is that strength is often cultivated through resistance. Just as a bodybuilder utilizes weights to create strength and definition in their physique, using resistance at the gym. This principle applies to all levels of our being. When we encounter resistance in life, we become stronger and can more effectively manifest our potential.

By embracing our inner strength, we transcend physical boundaries and the illusion of limitations. Cultivating strength on all levels—physical, mental, and spiritual—unleashes our true potential, leading us to a life characterized by resilience, fortitude, and purpose.

An Affirmation for Strength:

I am strong and I demonstrate my strength at every level. I can do it.

Folx with Power

As we conclude this final part of our Pride Powers series, we have explored the transformative powers symbolized by the colors of the Pride Flag and the Twelve Powers of Unity. From the vibrant and healing energy of life and love to the imaginative and resilient strength within us, these powers offer profound insights into our spiritual journeys and personal growth.

If you missed the first two installments, you can access them here:

Pride Power Part One

Pride Power Part Two


Using Power Wisely

The power of will, represented by the color silver, reminds us of our divine authority and the importance of aligning our intentions with the flow of universal energy. By embracing and cultivating this power, we become conscious co-creators of our reality, manifesting lives filled with purpose and fulfillment.

The golden hue of understanding teaches us to harmonize love and wisdom, enabling us to perceive the interconnection of all things and the unity that underlies our diverse experiences. Through spiritual understanding, we gain the insight needed to navigate life with clarity and compassion.

The russet color of release encourages us to let go of past burdens and limiting beliefs, freeing ourselves to embrace new possibilities and a more authentic existence. By harnessing the power of release, we transform our lives and open the door to continuous growth and renewal.

Lastly, the light green color of strength emphasizes the importance of resilience and fortitude on all levels—physical, mental, and spiritual. By recognizing and affirming our inner strength, we transcend limitations and rise above challenges, embodying the spirit of Pride.

Join Us

At Folx with Faith, we are committed to creating inclusive and affirming spaces where queer individuals can explore and celebrate their spirituality. By integrating these powerful principles into our lives, we not only enrich our personal journeys but also contribute to the healing and transformation of our communities.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Pride Powers series. We invite you to continue exploring these concepts and to share your experiences with us. Together, let’s build a world where everyone can shine their light brightly and live their truth authentically.

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