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Folx with Faith statement on generative AI and Creative Ownership.

Folx with Faith recognizes the growing influence of AI on the internet, in content creation and in society at large. Any content posted or displayed on the Folx with Faith website and published in our materials will have the original creator and owner credited. We will not knowingly use AI generated content unless clearly stated and attributed, and this will only be done in the context of the subject should it be deemed appropriate.

Creativity is woven into the soul of the Queer community. While AI can augment and assist, Art and Creation are fundamentally organic expressions that cannot be fully replicated by AI. Cultural context, emotional depth, inspiration, perspective, and generational narratives sculpt human expression in unique ways.

Folx with Faith is dedicated to:

  • Respecting the creative process.
  • Implementing strategies that support personal expression.
  • Making space for creativity to flourish.
  • Support healing through storytelling.
  • Honoring every individual’s personal story.
  • Centering queer voices!

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