Symbols of Pride and the Twelve Powers

Welcome back to our Pride Month series on Pride Power! In our previous blog, we explored the first four colors of the original Pride Flag and their corresponding Twelve Powers in Unity. These colors and powers provide profound insights into our spiritual journeys, emphasizing the beauty of diversity and the depth of our inner strengths.

As a quick recap, the Twelve Powers in Unity are spiritual faculties that reside within each of us, offering a framework for personal growth and empowerment. Similarly, the colors of the Pride Flag, designed by Gilbert Baker, symbolize various aspects of the LGBTQ+ community’s essence and journey.

Today, we continue our journey by delving into the next set of colors and their associated spiritual powers. Let’s uncover some deeper meanings and spiritual practices that can be tied to the symbolism of these colors.


The color blue with starburst and the word "Serenity/Faith."

The Color Blue: Serenity & Faith

In the traditional Pride Flag, the color blue symbolizes serenity. When contemplating serenity, my mind immediately turns to the Serenity Prayer, a widely used prayer in recovery programs:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Grant me patience for the changes that take time, appreciation for all that I have, tolerance for those with different struggles, and the strength to get up and try again, one day at a time.”

I often incorporate an affirmative version of this prayer into my own spiritual practice:

“I have the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I have the patience for the changes that take time, appreciation for all that I have, tolerance for those with different struggles, and the strength to get up and try again, one day at a time.”

This serves as a wonderful introduction to the symbolic meaning of blue in the Twelve Powers as taught by Unity. In the Twelve Powers, blue represents faith. But what does faith truly entail?


Religions have often associated faith with a belief in specific doctrines, dogmas, rules, and requirements. They teach that accepting a particular set of stories constitutes faith. However, the Master Teacher Jesus presented a different perspective on faith.

In the stories about Jesus, he frequently criticized adherents of his own religious tradition—the ones who believed in the “right stories”—while acknowledging that those outside of his religion demonstrated “more faith than anyone in Israel.” For Jesus, faith was not about subscribing to a specific set of stories; it was a confidence that goodness would ultimately prevail.

In the book New Thought Dictionary, Ernest Holmes, the founder of Centers for Spiritual Living, another New Thought tradition, defines faith as “a recognition of, or belief in, certain principles” and “unconditional acceptance that there is an Invisible Intelligence which guides and an invisible Law which controls, and the complete belief that It is now doing so in one’s life.”

What is Faith?

Faith is associated with inner confidence and conviction, often times in something greater than ourselves, along with the recognition that this “something” is inherently good. What’s fascinating about the connection between faith and serenity is that faith naturally engenders a sense of inner peace within us.

Deep within the core of each individual, there is an infinite well of peace. We can access this well through intention, even amidst external chaos. This peace arises from knowing that we are loved, guided, and supported by the Good.

While I honor and respect people’s religious identities, my observations and personal experiences have led me to believe that simply believing in a particular set of stories rarely brings about serenity. However, as I’ve learned to trust my inner instincts and recognize that my intuition is always on my side, I’ve gained access to a peace that “surpasses all understanding.” I sometimes refer to this intuition as my “holy spirit” or my “inner ding.”

An Affirmation for Serenity/Faith:

I am loved, guided, and supported. My intuition is always on my side. I am at peace.

The Color Purple: Spirit & Power

In the traditional Pride Flag, purple represents spirit. In many religious traditions, spirit is understood as a universal activity of the Divine and a uniting principle. In fact, in several of these traditions, the word “spirit” is synonymous with “breath.”


In the Revealing World, Charles Fillmore, one of the founders of the Unity movement, defined spirit as:

Divinity* as the moving force in the universe; Principle as the breath of life in all creation; the principle of life; creative intelligence and life.”

In the Twelve Powers, the color purple symbolizes the power of power. Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann describes the power of power in her book Your God-Given Potential:

“Power, we must understand, is not an end in itself, nor a goal to be sought. Rather, it is simply a means that enables us to manifest Divine ideas on Earth. It is not to be used for selfish gain or to satisfy the personal ego, but for the forward spiritual movement of the whole. It is to be exercised not to control others, but to take dominion over our own thoughts and feelings, in order to attain a greater awareness of the Divine.”


In our world, power is often associated with selfishness. It can be disheartening to observe how power dynamics play out, with the voices of the marginalized often being silenced by those who hold more power. However, this is precisely why recognizing our own power and taking responsibility for it becomes so crucial.

The color purple with starburst and the word "Spirit/Power."

Divinity as the moving force in the universe; Principle as the breath of life in all creation; the principle of life; creative intelligence and life.”
– Charles Fillmore

In her book A Return to Love, spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson beautifully expressed:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Understanding the power of power is vital because it serves as the liberating force on our planet. It is crucial to recognize that the majority of people are loving and supportive, outnumbering those who propagate hate and control. However, it is disheartening that those who hate often do so with unwavering conviction. If those of us who embody love and support others tap into and harness the power of power, loving with unwavering conviction, we have the potential to witness a transformative shift in our world, where positive change becomes evident right before our eyes.

An Affirmation for Spirit/Power:

I use my power wisely. I am strong and I am safe. All is well.

In the original text, the word used is “God”; however, for the purpose of this article, the term “Divinity” or “Divine” is used instead. This substitution is made because the word “God” often carries a specific definition that differs from Fillmore’s understanding of God. Within the Unity movement, God is not perceived as a person or personality, but rather as principle—an embodiment of divine law and love.

The color pink with starburst and the word "Sex/Love."

The Color Pink: Sex & Love

The color pink in the traditional Pride Flag represents sex, a subject that has often been taboo within religions and spiritual traditions. Even within the Unity movement, there has been a history of avoidance and repression of the topic of sex. This stems from rigid late-Victorian ideals that associated sex solely with procreation. However, sex and sexuality are natural and normal aspects of our biology. Diversity of sexuality and gender expression is found in many species, including humans.

Some traditions, even within the New Thought movement, talk about escaping the physical and replacing it with the spiritual. Some traditions even state that the physical realm is an illusion. However, I believe that spirituality is not meant to be a method of escaping the physical experience, but that our spiritual practice should instead elevate our physical experience and allow us to better embrace our physical reality.

Let’s Talk About Sex

The innate biological urge to merge is a natural and normal part of the human experience. Attempts to diminish the value of sex and sexuality are as nonsensical as devaluing the nourishment we receive from food. We have a long way to go for true sexual liberation, but I appreciate the progress made in society and within the many spiritual and religious movements. Healthy sex and a genuine appreciation of sexuality can be integral to our spiritual paths.

Let’s Talk About Love

In the 12 Powers, the color pink is associated with the power of love. Many religious traditions express the belief that “God is love,” a sentiment reflected in religious literature. I view love as the healing force of our planet, and when we engage with others in loving ways, we contribute to the healing of our planet.

Spiritual teachings often challenge us to “love our enemies.” However, it is crucial to understand that love does not imply unconditional approval of harmful behavior. The master teacher Jesus emphasized loving our neighbors “as ourselves,” highlighting the importance of self-love and the ability to establish healthy boundaries with others.

I once faced immense dislike for a presidential candidate, struggling to overcome the frustration and distress this person triggered within me. Through prayer and meditation, my intuition guided me to “love this person.” Initially, I found it nearly impossible. But then, while listening to one of this person’s angry speeches, I realized I was witnessing a frightened, immature individual lacking empathy. Their speech mimicked the temper tantrum of a small child who hadn’t yet grasped the complexities of the world. My heart filled with love because it is natural to love and have compassion for a child. You can love a three-year-old child, but you would not want to elect them president.

When we understand that everyone is doing their best based on their understanding and awareness, we can hold love for them while still establishing healthy boundaries. Love is a transformative force, and by embracing love in our interactions, we contribute to a more compassionate and understanding world.

An Affirmation for Sex:

I am perfect, whole, and complete. I am at peace with my sexuality.

An Affirmation for Love:

Love is my pure essence. Love fills every part of my being with warmth and joy. I am a beacon of love and attract love into every area of my life. I am surrounded by love in all its beautiful forms.

The Color Turquoise: Magic & Imagination

Turquoise, a color that was part of the original Pride Flag, symbolized magic. The word “magic” has faced mixed reactions within spiritual and religious communities. While some religions consider magic as a fundamental aspect of their spirituality, others have associated it with evil forces. Even within the early Unity movement, the word “magic” was often linked to “black magic” and defined as the use of personal power driven by the ego.

In recent times, the word “magic” is experiencing a revival in modern language. The root of “magic” was connected to the priestly classes in society—those who possessed knowledge of spiritual conditions. Magic could also be described as the awareness of our power and the expression of that power through ritual or creative action.

The color teal with starburst and the word "Magic./Imagination."

Imagination & Magic

Using this definition of the word magic, imagination then plays a crucial role in harnessing magic. In the teachings of the 12 Powers, turquoise symbolizes imagination, which is defined as “the ability to conceptualize and envision a different future.” The concepts of imagination and magic naturally intertwine. Imagination allows us to see our circumstances or life from a different perspective, ultimately impacting our world. It is akin to the power of magic.

The Unity circles often use the phrase “To set it right, see it right!” as a reminder of the significance of imagination. When we activate our power of imagination, we also activate the potential that exists within our world. Imagination heightens our creative power, enabling us to find innovative ways to bring about positive change. As Albert Einstein famously stated:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Our imagination can be employed in various ways, as we have complete freedom within our minds. Some individuals may use their imagination to envision negative scenarios, but through intention, we can also envision a world that is loving and supportive.

Imagination Hijacking

I experienced the hijacking of my imagination by a religious cult during my childhood. The indoctrination filled my inner vision with terrors, and it required intentional practice to liberate myself from those visions.

Many people’s imaginations are influenced by news or politics, which can lead to polluted inner visions filled with traumatic imagery. However, our goal should not be to ignore the world around us or bury our heads in the sand.

Ignorance only breeds more ignorance. Instead, by using intention to cultivate a positive inner vision, we can harness our imagination to seek answers to the numerous challenges we face today.

Creative Power

Solutions cannot emerge if we solely focus on problems. When we use our imagination to envision a better world for all, it empowers us with ideas that can create the very world we imagine. Through the power of imagination and intentional action, we can bring forth positive transformation on both personal and global levels.

An Affirmation for Magic/Imagination:

My life is magical. I envision good unfolding in every area of my life.

More Pride Power & The Twelve Powers

As we continue to explore the connections between the colors of the Pride Flag and the Twelve Powers, we uncover deeper layers of meaning and understanding within our spiritual journeys. The symbolic connections of colors; blue, purple, pink, and turquoise remind us of the importance of serenity, faith, power, love, and imagination in creating a fulfilling and spiritually enriched life.

Blue represents serenity and faith, guiding us to find peace in acceptance and trust in the goodness of life. Purple symbolizes spirit and power, encouraging us to harness our inner strength and use it wisely for the greater good. Pink stands for sex and love, inviting us to embrace our sexuality with warmth and joy. It also reminds us the importance and power that love has in our daily lives. Turquoise represents magic and imagination, empowering us to envision and manifest positive change in the world.

Pride Power Part 1


Folx with Power

At Folx with Faith, we believe in the power of these principles to transform lives and communities. By fostering safe and inclusive spaces for queer individuals to explore their spirituality, we aim to create a world where everyone can experience the divine essence within and around them.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Pride Powers series, where we will delve into the remaining colors and their corresponding spiritual powers. Together, let’s continue this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and collective growth.

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