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What Folx with Faith Offers

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Our Directory is a collection of inclusive spiritual affinity groups offering queer folx of faith connection and growth in welcoming communities. 

Our badge systems highlight groups that have demonstrated excellence in creating safe, inclusive, and accessible healing spaces.

We promote diverse and faith-informed groups supporting individuals at all levels of spirituality. Meetings may be online, in-person, or hybrid.


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Supportive Groups

We provide a comprehensive suite of resources designed to support community leaders and queer faith groups in their endeavors.

Our primary offerings include literacy courses aimed at enhancing knowledge and understanding in various areas, workshops focused on the skills necessary for successful group meetings and leadership, and direct assistance to ensure group effectiveness.

We are here to support!


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Tools for Growth

& Understanding 

We curate a collection of insightful, queer-focused spiritual and faith based resources and workshops. These materials are designed for both queer individuals and allies.

Our blog spotlights queer faith experiences, delving into a variety of queer spiritual topics. Our goal is to offer a rich tapestry of stories and insights, celebrating solidarity among the diverse spiritual journeys within the queer community.


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A Sacred Space for All

Our mission is to create and support safe, supportive, faith informed, and inclusive spaces where individuals from all walks of life can explore LGBTQI+ spirituality, personal growth, and healing.

Every individual here is called in to remember the challenges we have faced on our journey of self discovery. We encourage every person to be their highest and best selves as they enter into community together.

Group leaders in the Folx with Faith community play a vital role in upholding our commitment to diversity, respect, and ethical conduct.

Folx with Faith groups and our affiliates partner have agreed to fostering a space that is inclusive, respectful, and supportive of all individuals on their unique spiritual journeys. 

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You are a Divine Expression of Love.

Find, Build, Share Your Queer Faith Community Here.

The Folx with Faith e-newsletter offers resources to explore the faith journey and build an empowered queer spiritual community.


Upcoming Folx With Faith Events

Join us! You are welcome! • ASL interpreters provided 

We list virtual events hosted by Folx With Faith Member organization that are open to all!

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The Sabrina Ellis Fund for Trans Folx

Empowering Lives Through Financial Support

Sabrina Ellis Trans Fund Folx with Faith Queer Spiritual Communities


Why We Established the Sabrina Ellis Annual Scholarship

The trans community faces numerous challenges, including high rates of unemployment, discrimination, houselessness, depression, anxiety, and a high rate of suicide.

This scholarship provides financial support for trans individuals. This support can be applied to various crucial aspects of life including: Hormone Therapy, Surgery Costs, Mental Health Care, & Housing

Application Timeline

Applications for this scholarship open on February 1, 2024. The first award will be granted in June of 2024.

Learn More & Apply Now

Emergency Stipend

In addition to an annual scholarship, we offer an emergency stipend available throughout the year to address immediate and unique financial needs. 

How You Can Help: Donate to the Fund

This scholarship and emergency stipend fund are only made possible through the generous donations of our supporters. Every dollar you donate goes directly toward empowering trans individuals to live their highest expression of the divine. Your contribution is not just a donation; it’s a bold statement in support of dignity, equality, and human rights.


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