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Jere(miah) Farrell
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I had a mystical experience at 17 years old after a failed suicide attempt. I was a Catholic priest for 13 years after 8 years of schooling. Served in the multicultural diocese of Honolulu.
I left the RC church and became an Interfaith Hospice Chaplain for 5 years. I have also been a Unity Minister at a Unity Spiritual Center in northern California since 2005.

I went though the Mercy Center Spiritual Direction Training at The Mercy Center, Burlingame near San Francisco, Ca. in 1996 and received my certification as a Spiritual Director. . I have a Masters In Divinity from St. Patrick’s College, Menlo Park from 1995. I also have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Ca. from 2000.
I am well versed in the Enneagram and teach it. I use ho’oponopono as a spiritual practice. Am very familiar with ACIM; 12 Step Program especially ACOA; Heartmath; The Way of Mastery; A Course of Love and obviously New Thought and metaphysics.