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Folx with Faith is committed to supporting your journey in starting a local or online group. Through group memberships your group will be listed in our database and be given access to resources that will ensure your group development will be successful.

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Scholarship Program

Folx with Faith is dedicated to accessibility, including socio-economic accessibility. We have a scholarship program available for leaders and facilitators that want to start a Folx with Faith group, but might need a boost to get them going.

Scholarship Program

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Folx with Faith Expressions of Divine Love Chapter

Chapters are groups that align with the Folx with Faith brand. They are existing or start up groups that want to identify with the Folx with Faith brand.

Chapters will be identified in our directory with the Folx with Faith branding. They also have access to comprehensive community development resources, competency and literacy courses, exclusive member content, branding package, and will receive an introductory brand-specific merchandising package.

Chapters can also achieve literacy and competency badges at no cost. These badges will be displayed on their directory listing.

Flexible Payment Options

At Folx with Faith, we understand the importance of flexibility, especially when it comes to financial commitments. That’s why we offer our Chapter Members the option to manage their yearly membership fee through a recurring payment program. You can choose to spread the cost of membership over time with monthly or quarterly payment plans, ensuring you gain access to all the benefits of the Chapter Membership without the upfront financial burden.

This approach allows you to budget more effectively while still enjoying the full array of resources, support, and branding benefits designed to make your group’s development a success.

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Affiliate Group

The Affiliate Program is designed for existing groups that want to retain their distinct identity and branding while benefitting from a broader Folx with Faith membership.

Affiliates receive placement in our directory and have access to community development resources, literacy and competency courses, exclusive member content, and can also earn badges for their directory placement.

Teams for Chapter & Affiliates

Team work makes the dream work. We understand this and have integrated teamwork into our model. While we understand that startup groups will often have one facilitator and a big idea. However, we have created a membership model that gives group leaders additional licenses to ensure that other facilitators will have access to our resources and content.

Folx with Faith chapters can add up to five people to their membership and Affiliates are able to add three people to their membership. This ensures that groups have the support and resources they need for success.

Member Listings

Member listings is a basic level of Folx with the Faith’s for existing groups that align with our mission and agree to our ethics statement.

This membership tier has limited access to Folx with Faith resources. However, they do have the option to purchase literacy and competency courses and community development resources at an additional cost.