Folx with Faith Scholarship Program

At Folx with Faith, we are committed to supporting spaces for queer individuals to explore, connect, and thrive spiritually. We firmly believe that financial obstacles should never be a barrier to our programs, which is why we’re proud to offer the Folx with Faith Scholarship Program.

The Scholarship 

Our Commitment

Whether you’re leading an existing group and want to be an affiliate or are ready to start a new Folx with Faith chapter, we exist to support your community! Our scholarship program is designed to assist startup costs and ongoing costs for group participation.

Scholarship Details

The Folx with Faith Scholarship can cover partial or even full fees ($1500) required for our Chapter program. At the present time we do not have application funds for the Affiliate program. Chapter membership empowers groups with resources, training, brand licensing, and a wide range of other benefits that enhance the community experience for both leaders and members.

Who Can Apply

Existing community groups who wish to start a Chapter but are facing financial restrictions.

Individuals or new groups passionate about fostering LGBTQ+ spiritual exploration and community but are deterred by start-up costs.

Folx with Faith Expressions of Divine Love Queer Faith Communities Resource Guide for LGBTQ+ Communities

Selection Criteria 
  • Applicant demonstrates need for the scholarship.
  • Applicant can articulate their motivation to start a Folx with Faith group.
  • Applicant must provide information about their leadership style and skillset.
  • Applicant is willing to share details about their faith journey. Please note that religious affiliation is not required for Folx with Faith participation.
  • Applicant is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible group.
  • Applicant agrees with the Folx with Faith Ethics Standards. If applying, be sure to read through the Ethics Standard thoroughly before filling out the application form.


Ethics Statement


  • Applicant must provide one to three references. Please be sure to get permission from your reference(s) prior to filling out the form. We will need their name, email address, and applicant’s relationship with their reference. We will take it from there and reach out to them directly.
  • Applicant must provide information about fundraising efforts to start their group.
  • Applicant must answer all questions in the application form to be considered.

Application Process

Through the Folx with Faith Scholarship Program, we’re investing in a future where every queer individual has access to a welcoming, safe, affirming spiritual community. We’re committed to ensuring that money is never an obstacle in this important mission!

We’ve ensured the application process is as accessible as our communities. Please fill out the following form to request a scholarship for your existing or future group.

Scholarship Request Form

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Please note, date of birth is used entirely for reference purposes only. It plays no role in the decision-making process and is not a required field.
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Support our efforts in creating safe and inclusive queer-centric faith spaces.