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Joni Lorraine
Joni Lorraine
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Joni Lorraine is a multifaceted individual whose path has woven through the realms of spirituality, creativity, and social justice, which contributes to her work as a Spiritual Director. Her journey is marked by a deep commitment to joy, relational growth, self-awareness, and the flourishing of souls. With a background enriched by diverse interests including healthcare chaplaincy, live theatre, photography, and personal development, Joni brings a unique blend of creativity and spiritual insight to her work. Her philosophy centers on the transformative power of deep listening and connection, fostering an environment where barriers to self-expression are dismantled, paving the way for a rich experience of love, forgiveness, and unitive consciousness.

Joni is the Project Coordinator for the Unity Worldwide Ministries Spiritual Direction Certification Program, which emphasizes mystical wisdom and the individual’s authentic nature. Her educational foundation in spiritual direction was laid at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest, earning a Master’s in Spiritual Formation. An active member of the Austin Area Spiritual Directors Community and Spiritual Directors International, Joni’s life outside her vocation is filled with gardening, cooking, and nurturing her aquatic pets in Cedar Park, TX. Her dedication to spiritual growth and community well-being positions her as a guiding light for those seeking inner peace and evolutionary spiritual consciousness.

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