Pride Merch Package

We are taking preorders for Pride Merch. The Folx with Faith “Pride Ready” Merch Package includes 500 “Pray Hard” Condoms, 250 “Expressions” Keychains, 500 “Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” Bookmarks, and two “FINE AND DIVINE” T-Shirts.

If you are a Folx with Faith chapter, please send us your request through the member panel under “Pride Merch” to receive your $140 membership credit on all Folx with Faith Merch Package.

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The basic merch package is $600 and includes 500 "Pray Hard" condoms, 250 "Expressions of Divine Love" keychains, 500 "God in Drag" Bookmarks, and two "Fine and Divine" t-shirts.



Unity “Pride” Merch for
Unity Ministries (add on)

Please note, Unity Merchandise such as the “Worthy Booklets” are provided at no cost to Unity Ministries other than shipping costs. The “Unity Pride Flag” offered by Folx with Faith is the standard price for this flag.

There is no additional cost to get these things from Folx with Faith. The savings for Unity Merchandise is in bundling these booklets with other merchandise. Shipping costs will be calculated in the final invoice and are standard rates based on your location.

Worthy booklets and Unity Pride Flag.

Each Package Includes:

Two “Fine & Divine” T-Shirts

Four images of the "Fine and Divine" T-Shirts

These t-shirts are Hanes® Authentic-T®. The bundle automatically comes with two t-shirts and you can purchase additional t-shirts at cost. The final costs will be determined in the final invoice. However, they are currently listed at $19.99, which is the cost for one t-shirt based on the current bundle discount. However, if we have several people order additional t-shirts, we will pass the cost savings on to you in your final invoice. So, if we get an order for fifty t-shirts, the price would be decreased to $10.89 for each t-shirt on the final invoice.

500 “Pray Hard” Condoms

Stack of condoms with the words "Folx with Faith | Pray Hard |

Additional condoms can be added to your merch package. Please note that there is a slight variance in the color of the condom packaging. The packaging is silver.


250 “Expressions” Keychains

"Expressions of Divine Love" Keychains. "Folx with Faith - Expressions of Divine Love - Queer Faith Groups - and "Expressions of Divine Love" with inclusive pride flag on two keychains.

Keychains including with the phrase “expressions of divine love” on them. Additional keychains can be added to your merch package.

500 “God in Drag” Bookmarks


All designs have the Ram Das quote “Treat everyone you meet like God in drag” and include the Folx with Faith “Expressions of divine love” logo and QR code for additional information. Additional bookmarks can be added to your merch package.


Let us know if you have questions!