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Folx with Faith invites you to our Information and Onboarding (I&O) Virtual Meetings, tailored for our expanding community and those eager to learn about our mission.

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What to Expect: Queer Centric Faith Spaces

We are hosting meetings on March 11 and March 28. These will be “virtual” and the hour and a half sessions are aimed at new, prospective members, and current or aspiring leaders, provide a detailed look into our platform’s array of services and support mechanisms.

It’s an ideal opportunity for leaders within the faith communities or the queer community to gain insights into how they can actively participate in and gain from our inclusive and dynamic communities.

Connect with us to enrich your involvement and discover ways to make a meaningful impact in our collective journey.

Folx with Faith Groups

Folx with Faith is a nurturing and supporting a network of LGBTQ+ spiritual affinity groups dedicated to fostering community transformation and personal spiritual growth. We offer safe, inclusive spaces for authentic self-expression and exploration, where individuals can connect, share, and thrive in a community that values healing, growth, and joy.


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Starting a Group

Folx with Faith supports groups that embrace our mission to deepen connections between self, spirit, and community in a queer-affirming space. With comprehensive support for chapters and affiliates, including development resources and literacy training, we empower leaders to create inclusive, safe spaces for spiritual exploration and growth. Discover how you can lead or participate in a group that celebrates queer spiritual journeys and fosters community transformation.


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