Celebrate Your Divine Identity Scholarship

The Folx with Faith Retreat Scholarship is dedicated to supporting members of the queer community who wish to explore and enrich their spiritual journey in a nurturing and inclusive environment. This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to individuals who might otherwise be unable to participate in this transformative three-day immersive weekend held at the picturesque Unity Village campus.

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More About The Folx With Faith Retreat

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What you will need to apply for the retreat scholarship:

Be prepared to share the following information:

  • Information about yourself and your spiritual journey.
  • Information about why you are requesting this scholarship.
  • Information about other financial considerations.

The retreat scholarship is up to $429 and covers part or all of the registration fee for “Celebrate Your Divine Identity” taking place October 24-27. Applicants will be responsible for travel, transportation, lodging, or any other costs that may be associated with attending this event. Discounted accommodations are available and can be found by going to the Event Page.

More About the Event

Celebrate Your Divine Identity is a three-day immersive weekend designed exclusively for the LGBTQIA+ community, set against the serene backdrop of the Unity Village campus. The Folx with Faith Retreat is an opportunity to celebrate your authentic self and connect with like-minded individuals from across the nation.

This retreat aims at fostering an environment of spiritual growth, healing, and empowerment. Dive into inspiring music that uplifts the soul, engage with interactive keynotes that challenge and expand your perceptions, and participate in wisdom workshops that offer practical insights into navigating life’s challenges.

Experience the power of sacred ceremonies that honor our diverse journeys, immerse yourself in transformational art that speaks to the heart, and find peace in guided meditation sessions. And, because joy is an essential part of our journey, don’t miss the unforgettable drag show that promises laughter and celebration.

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